In a phrase, this is what Crosswalk church is about. How we love God, love those around us, and love the greater community that God has called us to serve is all incorporated into the idea of #lovewell. As a Seventh-day Adventist church, we seek to express the presence, image, and character of God through our community work, our worship, our beliefs, and our organizational End statements. These statements reveal what the Crosswalk Community will look like as she more faithfully answers her mission to #lovewell.  

1. Crosswalk will be a community of Belonging.
2. Crosswalk will be a community where people learn and grow in an authentic relationship with God. 
3. Crosswalk will be relevant in living out the ways of Jesus in our place and time.
4. Crosswalk will be a community that lives beyond herself by caring and advocating for the powerless, oppressed and abandoned. 
5. Crosswalk will be a community that exemplifies servant leadership.

While we often fall short of the mark, as a community, these statements incapsulate our purpose, process, and hoped-for ends.