CrossWalk Church

An Adventist Congregation

Learning to love well. . .  
 KIDSPRAISE 10:00am WORSHIP 10:00am & 11:30am

The above is our mission and calling from God. We are a community that seeks to love one another with radical Inclusivity through tangible acts of compassion, mercy, worship, forgiveness and grace. This is the ongoing journey of every faith community that identifies with the name of Jesus. Ours is no different, however, we believe that we are called to this particular location, at this particular time, in order to learn to love those we call our neighbors and friends in this area. Here is a link to the map of our facility to get acquainted with our layout before you come and visit.  A few things you should know about our worship time together: 

1. Dress however you want. Some will come in ties, some in shorts. Either way is great. 

2. The music can get LOUD. We don't apologize for the enthusiasm of our praise. However, if you find that it is a bit loud, we provide earplugs so that you can enjoy with a bit fewer decibels. 

3. Sign your kids in, or if you just go to the Worship Service, fill out a Connection Card during the service and drop it into the offering bag. That puts you on the email list, as well as lets us get in contact with you about building a stronger relationship with the CrossWalk Community. 

4. Enjoy the services, the kids programs, the refreshments, and the community. We are glad to have you with us! 


WORSHIP 10 & 11:30am