Learning to Love Well. . . 

This is the statement that CrossWalk chose 13 years ago. It has and continues to serve the community well as a humble statement of purpose. But along with this statement of character and belief, the Organizational Ends reveal that The CrossWalk Community will look like as she more faithfully answers her mission. They reflect the results, recipients, and the stewardship of resources toward those same Ends. 

1. CrossWalk will be a community of Belonging. 

2. CrossWalk will be a community where people learn and grow in an authentic relationship with God. 

3. CrossWalk will be relevant in living out the ways of Jesus in our place and time. 

4. CrossWalk will be a community that lives beyond herself by caring and advocating for the powerless, oppressed and abandoned. 

5. CrossWalk will be a community that exemplifies servant leadership. 

These statements are meant to be a living, breathing proclamation of the gospel in our lives, location, and love.