Join A group

We are delighted that you want to begin the adventure of a small group!  There are several groups that are available to join here at CrossWalk.  Have a look through the listings below and see which groups interest you.  Then try those groups.  Some would suggest that it is wise to “shop” for a group in the same way you would shop for an apartment or a car.  Sit in on the groups and try them out until you find one that feels like home.

God & Relevance

Meeting: Saturday Evenings in Calimesa, CA

Host: Ray Brodersen


Unpacking the sermon

Meeting: Tuesdays at 6:30pm in Redlands, CA

Host: Monica Foulston


Doubters & Unbelievers

Meeting: Thursdays at 7:30pm in Crosswalk Church

Host: Ritchie Pruehs & Tim Gillespie


Book Group

Meeting: Fridays at 7pm in Loma Linda, CA

Host: Victor Leon

Curriculum: Book, "The God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney


Men's Group

Meeting: Evenings vary in Redlands, CA

Host: Jeff Little & Burt Clark


Young Adults

Meeting: Mondays at 7pm at Bricks & Birch, Redlands

Host: Kevin Porras

Spiritual Growth

Meeting: Saturday at 1PM in Redlands, CA

Host: Ray Brodersen


Exploring Discipleship

Meeting: Wednesdays at 7pm in Loma Linda, CA

Host: Geir & Berit Frivold


Living in God's Spirit

Meeting: Mondays at 7pm in Colton, CA

Host: Manal Kassab & Angela Li


Women's Group

Meeting: Tuesdays at 7:30pm in Redlands

Host: Sylvia Lighthouse



Meeting: Monday or Tuesday at 6pm in Redlands, CA

Host: Becky Matiko

Praise, Prayer, & Promises

Meeting: 1st & 3rd Saturdays at 9am in Crosswalk Church

Host: DeEtta Chen


Small Group in Redlands

Meeting: Friday Evenings in Redlands, CA

Host: Jen Halverson


Prayer Group

Meeting: Fridays at 7:30pm in Riverside, CA

Host: Rachel Kendall


Book Group

Meeting: Mondays at 6pm in Crosswalk Church

Host: Amanda Limonius

Curriculum: Book, "The Shack" by William P. Young.


The Journey of Adulting

Meeting: Friday Nights at 7PM in Loma Linda, CA

Host: Mareena Miller