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Ever Easter is the affirmation that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is something that we experience every day. Jesus did not just come out of the grave on that resurrection, but he has been out everyday since then, therefore, we live in the Ever Easter

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Friday- 6:30pm

Join us for a family/friend communion service under the stars. An acoustic worship feel will begin the night as we share food (provided by Crosswalk Church) together. This service will focus on the community that was created around the table at the last supper and will include an opportunity for family and friends to share in the taking of communion, foot washing, and fellowship. It begins at 6:30pm with the worship beginning at 7pm. Bring your own blanket and share this time with us.

Saturday- 10am, 11:30am, & 6pm

We come together amidst the chaos of Jesus in the grave and look forward to the resurrection moment. This service focuses on the journey from the cross through the grave to the resurrection. Phenomenal worship, scriptural preaching, and incredible community are a hallmark of the Easter weekend services at Crosswalk Church.

Sunday- 10am

Join us one more time a service that focuses on the Resurrection, the joy of baptism, and an opportunity to remember Jesus as the Risen Savior everyday. We will be making a call for baptism for any that want to commit their lives to Jesus in the midst of community, so come prepared if Jesus is calling you to solidify your relationship with Him at this service. We will make available all you need to be baptized, from childcare, to clothing in which you can be baptized. We want to make sure you are given every opportunity to call on the name of Jesus that day!